Evanesco Tattoo Removal cream

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EVANESCO Cream is The Only Removal Cream That Will Remove Your Tattoo, Any Color, Old or New Tattoos. FAST, EASY.


The combination of Cashew Nut Oil Extract and Carcia Extract produces a dermatological reaction that gently removes the Skin where your Tattoo is set. Your body will then regenerate new skin where you once had that unwanted tattoo.

In most instances a One time application will remove all the ink.   (this all depends on the quality of the Ink used and the skills of the Tattoo artist)


Evanesco cream only needs to be applied once and will react with  the Upper-dermis layer of your skin within 60 seconds. Depending where on the body.

After that your skin will form a scab and the healing process will start.  The only thing you have to do is treat your scab like any regular scab.


We do Guarantee that our cream will remove your ink, If used as properly Within a few weeks the scab will naturally fall off and you will see that the ink is gone, in some cases a touch up application is needed to remove, any left over ink. Evanesco cream will NOT leave lasting scars if used properly. our cream does consist of a natural Acid that will react with your skin. you can compare our cream to a Chemical facial peel.  This is also done with acid based ingredients and is completely safe if used as instructed. In Most cases a 1 time application will do the trick.

1 box of our cream will remove about 4x4 Sq inch of an all filled out tattoo. Our cream will remove any color of ink. (not recommended for use on the face/neck/genital area's or feet)

Allergy Warning: this product contains Cashew tree nut extract.

The cream produces a dermatological reaction which removes the skin containing ink  and helps regenerate new skin cells in the Upper-dermis layer of the skin.

Our formulation uses all natural, homeopathic ingredients to ensure the best results for you!

Every unit comes with 1 bottle of Evanesco cream, pair of gloves, lancet, cotton swabs, alcohol prep pad an applicator.

Each Order comes with a FREE Skype training session where we will show you how to do the application and give you a personalized activation time. Always do this session so that we can guarantee the results.



Is it safe?

Yes, when used as directed. Evanesco Tattoo Removal cream is 100% natural without bleaching chemicals like Trichloroacetic Acid.

Is Evanesco like all the other Tattoo removal creams?

There is NO product on the Market like Evanesco, most creams that are on the market are “Faders” and require several months to a year of usage. Our cream is a one time application. 100% natural and will remove your tattoo.

What are the Ingredients?

Anacardium occidentale nut Oil (Cashew Nut), Citrus Lemon Extract (Ficus), Carcia Extract, D-ionized Water and Talc.

Do you get a Scar after using the cream?

This is very rare, if the product is not used as directed in the instructions, scarring can occur. Don’t leave the cream on the skin longer than 60 seconds (depending on the area Always do the Skype training session with us before using the cream.). And let the scab heal naturally. When used as directed the cream will only penetrate to the upper-dermis layer of the skin and greatly reduce the risk of lasting scars forming.

How long will it take to remove my tattoo?

This all depend on the size and age of your tattoo, the ink that was used, if it was set at the right depth, etc . We advise to use only 2 units of Evanesco Tattoo Removal cream at a time on a tattoo. You can start treating the next area 1 week after your first application. The actual procedure takes only about 10 minutes (depending on the size of the tattoo), and your skin should heal within 2-4 weeks of application.

How long do I leave the cream on my Tattoo?

This all depends on the area and your skin type. Never leave the cream on your skin for longer than 1 minute. You look for a red hue to form around the treated area, after you put the cream on your tattoo,  This red hue is an indication that the cream did it's work. To get specific instructions for your tattoo schedule  a free Skype or on call training  session with one of our Tattoo removal specialist after you received our product.

Can I do it myself?

We Highly recommend asking someone else to do the procedure for you. Only when your tattoo is on an easy to access place can you safely apply the product yourself.

Will my Tattoo be gone after 1 application?

In most cases a one-time application of Evanesco Tattoo Removal cream will completely remove your tattoo. There are some cases when multiple treatments maybe needed to remove 100% of your tattoo. (This all depends on your skin color, type and age of your tattoo, previous removal/fading treatments, etc.) and if you have applied the product to all places.

Does it hurt?

When the Cream is applied, you will feel a mild stinging sensation (a mild burning). It will not hurt more than getting a tattoo.

Will the cream work on all skin tones?

Yes, Evanesco cream will remove Tattoos from any skin type, keep in mind that it can take more than 6 months before your skin start getting its original color back.

Why Do I need to scratch my Tattoo before applying the cream?

By  scratching the skin micro channels are created in your skin, these will cause your skin to start it's natural healing process and produce new skin cells. These micro channels also improve skin absorption. the scratching is not intended to remove any skin layer, it is only intended to enhance the process.

Can I use Evanesco cream on all body parts?

We do NOT recommend usage on the face, skull, neck and genital area’s. We strongly discourage to use the cream on the inside of your hands.