Phiero Premium Notte Cologne

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Phiero Premium cologne

As people say, each person is a whole world, and this is a major truth that is also proven in the pheromones universe. Not all organisms respond the same way to a same stimulus, reason why there are pheromones that can work wonderfully for one person and not for another.

How should I use Phiero Premium?

Phiero Premium pheromone cologne has to be used just like any other cologne, that is, you must apply it right on the skin, on your neck, wrists or behind your ears. One or two applications on any of these body parts will be enough and remember that applying more cologne will not increase the effectiveness of Phiero. Also remember that it is for external use only and you must not ingest it or applying it on your eyes or other sensitive parts of your body.

How long does each application of phiero premium last on my body?

The effect of pheromones will last approximately 8 to 10 hours on your body if you apply it appropriately. Each bottle contains 30 ml of cologne, that is, around 90 applications.

What does the phiero premium cologne smell like?

The Phiero Premium cologne smells excellent and it is very delicate.

Is there any kind of side effect?

No. Phiero Premium will in no event cause a secondary effect on your health. You only have to try not to put it in your eyes or ingest it, exactly as you would do with any other regular cologne or perfume you can find in stores.

Is the shipping discreet?

Absolutely. All our orders are delivered in a totally discreet package with no sign or reference to its content so it is impossible to identify what’s inside. Discretion is as essential to us as it is to you.

Will all my personal information be kept private and confidential?

Absolutely. In no case will we commercialize or disclose the personal data of our clients. You will only have to provide the necessary information for us to carry out the transaction of your purchase with total safety for both parties.

Is it safe to shop online?

The safety of your online purchase is more than reliable and totally guaranteed. Besides, you must know that if you purchase the product with your credit card or by any other payment method, the purchases will be very safe because your information will be completely confidential since we use top-safety payment platforms to preserve them.